Old fluffy-surf links

fluffy surf was started 6 years ago mainly on here
fluffy chat

with this web page

it was the surfing bulletin board to post on. Now sadly has fallen into disrepair and lack of use :-(, too many face tube blog twitters now days.

now persevered in all its glory for future generations to mavel at its wise words


8 responses

24 11 2009

for future generations to mavel , theres just not enough to mavel at theses days

24 11 2009

ooooooooooops, somewhow that posted ? i dont understasnd this twit stuff

24 11 2009

ha ha ,

24 11 2009

so, is this twitting ?

24 11 2009

no twtting is over there on the right

you got a twit page here


23 01 2010

There was much mavelling involved.

15 04 2010
spanishs love

lolllllllllllllll andy turns modern on the net!!!!

16 04 2010

marcuse should write a 800-1000 word thingy, i knoiw a surf mag editor who would love this shit, the demise of the outlaws

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